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Investigation report on charityhomes in Hyd

Life at charity homes  in Hyderabad
Group members: 1) Saitra Laghari (filed),
2) Humera Oad  (Not filed)
3) Ronak Fatima (Not filed)

U do not know where and how to use comma and full-stop? 
What about other group members?  Is it only yours?
 U should have  revised it, corrected the language, spellings, format, grammar, punctuation etc
Pakistan is not proper noun? 
 Why all words  are capital: DARUL ATFAL


Topic: Life at charity homes  in Hyderabad: By SAIRA LAGHARI, Roll #40

Investigation on: DARUL ATFAL HYDERABAD SINDH (Why all capital?) social welfare dept Qasimabad (first charachter be capitalised) ; { Language of this sub headline is wrong)

What are chairty homes:
Chairtyhomes are the places for  orphan  destitute  and derelict children where they get home enviroment.their mission is to  provide better  environment education and other basic needs  for their better future.
Why did  I choOse this topic ( No need to mention it)
if we talk about Pakistani charityhomes  they are  very less in quantity and   and unmaintained aswell ,  I heared and read many negative  things about the chairtyhomes   of pakistan  so when sir asked me for the investigation  assignmnet so I decided to investigate on this main issue ,it is our bad luck that we belong to very corrupted society where people cheat and lie for their own benefits whether they are our political leaders or other upper and lower  employers  of any organization or common people ,all are corrupted.
.... Atleast u should write spelling of the Holy book properly, if at all u are quoting from it....
so thats why its a responsibilty on us and even on every human being that they shuold look after the orphans and destitute this regard we all have to work together for the orphans destitute and derelict  children of the pakistan  as they are future of Pakistan .they need our love and care.after approving my topic I  visited  chairtyhome of Hyderabad which is very near to my area.its name is DARUL ATFAL,strange but fact that it is the one and only charity home for orphans and  destitute in hyd.

INTRODUCTION of DARUL ATFAL: Darul Atfal Hyderabad,a  home for  20 destitute and orphans  childrens under  14 years of age and it was  stablished in 1987 by the GOVT of Sindh,under  the directrate of social welfare department.Darulatfal is running under 17 memberars ( what 17 memebrs?),orphan & destitute are being provided   lodging & boarding facilities including education.where they are getting education from different  government primary & high school.

Mission (objective) of Darul Atfal:
To provide home like care orphan & destitute children.
To provide revision/tution of regular education
To provide healthy environment ,recreational Education & trainining that will illuminate psychological,phyisic & health  and wil help them into self-respective & supporting citizen.
To provide  free health facilities through government/private hospitals.
After going (visiting)  Darul Atfal and talking to children and looking the environment I find that  the members and the children are very close to eachother .they were looking like family I didn’t feel any difference between them  ,so I must say that darul atfal ( This is proper noun) is a best place with best environment (First word of new sentence should be with Cap) .I visted more than three time but I never found any crying child.
As Drul Atfal  only keeps  boys but I saw them playing and having fun with each other ,they all are living very happily as for as I find  ,
FACILITIES: IN DARUL atfal the Hall is airconditioned and in that Hall each inmate having  seprate  bed  blanket and pillow aswell,Hall is furnished well
They also provided  refrigrater,heater,  dinning table and geezers. they provided health facilities as well and they also provided  tailer instructer for the Cildren.
ENTERTAINMENT:  There is no such entertaining things  provided in Dar ul Atfal  Due  to lack of funds , the playground  of   the Dr ul Afal is very is small only three  swings  and slides are placed where children  swings and take  slides  in their  free time to get fun,and only one football is provided  to  them. they  mostly play cricket  and football The child care worker told me   that Govt give funds only for the basic needs of the orphans, in which money they can not afford  much more entertainment for the orphans,but they  visit the city  to entertain the orphans twice in a  month,they offtenly  go to funland and rani bhagh and  some of private organizations  such as  NGOs and  isra social welfare aswell  organise  events seminars for the   orphans and also take them to mcdonalds,cinema and other places of   hyedarbad to entertain the orphans and destitute childrens of the Darul Atfal  ,they also  celebrate eid days and pakistan independance day aswel.
 As we know that food is our basic need we can not survive without   and it shuld be hyeigenic for our better health and in “Darul Atfal they provide very healthy and hyiegenic food to the childrens .
They have weekly menu on Monday & Tuesday they cook chicken ,on Wednesday mix vegitable ,on Thursday meat and Friday biryani.on Saturday & Sunday other sweet dishes they cook for the children they also provide juices to inmates ,and visitors also come and they brings many things for the inmates.
 Problems Faced by The Orphans and            Destitute in The Charityhomes:
Usually we  hear and see that many orphans and destitute facing such sort of problems  which are mentioned here,  sexual harasssment  homesickness,mentally and  physically torture.  Due to all these problems they could not talk  & behave like other children  but after meeting the children of the Daruul Atfal I find that they are very happy being  there ,they were very confident  while talking to me,and  i asked them again and again secretly that if they have any problem being there  they can share it with me but they were saying no with smily 

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