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Investigation Report


Group Member: 
1.   Sanober Akram Shoro    Roll No       41
2.   Amna Liaquat Sangi     Roll No         3 
3.   Junaid Mahmood Khuhro   Roll No  23

Market Mechanism 

When we have visited the village karan khan shoro we became to able know that the people of that village were very hospitable first they offered us tea than we ask them about there work they told that women’s do work by there skilled hands most of beautiful things like hand fans plate for eating meals, carpets, sport of mud etc. women makes beautiful quilts with bright colours and bold patterns the quilts are called rille, rehli,rallee derived from the local word ralana means to mix are connect. Before we talk about the market mechanism we first know that what it is ? market mechanism is means by which the force and supplied determined prices and qualities of goods and services for sale in a free market women told that they have mutual understanding with owner of shops present in market, we send hand made things to them and they sell them with a good price, whatever benefit they get half of that is given to those women before giving those skilled things to shop keepers women make 1st price and percentage of benefit with them women told that we even send our skilled things to other parts of cities and districts. People who are very fond of these skilled things buys with keen interest.
Government has also established institution, “Sindh Small Industries development Corporation” the aim of this institution to provide loans to the skilled full persons and buys things from them in a good price.


To enhance the work of art of women workers of village karan khan shoro there should be trainings sessions. It is very important part for the home based workers that they must be provide a better training sessions to develop the capacity of the home based workers trainees is product design and development process building on their existing skills and expertise, to increase the knowledge of home based workers in designing and new ideation as market trends and demands to enable the workers and transfer their acquired skills in product design process to other women group in their respective village.
Village dweller women who are interested in this kind of embroidery work they said that in village there should be training centers to get improvement in their work, they said Government should arrange much centers so as new generation girls get keen interest with culturally tradition work, there also should be seminar on embroidery to make betterments for this work.

Sources of Livelihood:

In early time poor women artisen used to make ralli quilt and other hand made product as gifts for occasion of marriages and birth of elite families, in return they were given a bufallow, a cow, a goat as “ Kheer piyarni” are to provided a permanent milk source for the artisan family.
As the time passed the basic need of people or artisen family increased they started selling these products instead of presenting as gift, by selling these products they make lives easy to fulfill their basic needs, the workers are happy to make there lives effectively with making hand made products by this there earnings are improved know the workers enjoy the relaxation the contribute enough to ease there families at home the workers are in trouble if they do not have work to earn in some seasons they proud about the friendly approach of there males who always encourage them to continue work this is made them more products and living easy lives. In village Karan Khan shoro over 70% of them women used to work and earn their livelihood through this act of embroidery.

women makes the products by there art are highly costed in village during survey women told us that what ever things we made are much expensive but in market they are not being sold with proper costs. Further they explained that because of less profit or loss they make things less expensive because people do not pay attention on our hard work / skilled they only see things beautiful and do not pay right price for products that we do less expenses and get some profits but some of people are wide hearted they give much than expenses and those people get personally things, they give order for things and we make things more beautiful and do much expenses on things as people like them.
When people started to give preference to our work rather than their money than our skill will be much popular and we will be able to led a comfortable life. Handicraft in sindh is major source of livelihood for million of people majority of them women. But the rising costs of inputs difficult excess to credit and poor marketing networks have brought these women’s works to its present dismal state, women of village said that falling profit, rising costs of material has reduced embroidery making activity.    

Who much they are being sold:

In village Karan Khan shoro women who worked on handicraft they said that there are seasonal wise work we do, in summer there is huge demand of hand fans because of extreme hotness and during marriage seasons there is much demand of decorated things. While in market our things are sold routinely people buy for their homes to make their homes beautiful, women told that in winter from our product fracy, rugs, Khes, are being sold.
People who were busy in selling these product they said that some five years back there were around two hundred handicraft and embroidery and there was much competition in selling these products, but now a days there is decreasing in selling these products day by day because of falling demand absence of strategic plan and vision for revival of the indigenous embroidery.         


women of village karan khan shoro are very skilled full there work is very gorgeous and admirable but there should be trainings and seminars to improve there work all over the world.   

Sir Sohail Sangi
Date: 03-02-2015


          Karan Khan Shoro village
Home based workers and hand made products

By: Sanober Shoro

Karan khan Shoro where more than one third of village’s women depend on embroidery and other handmade products, including stitching, cloths, Rali work, Moti, Zari, Mukka and Appliqué work, the women of the village are no doubt skillful and hardworking. Old women prepare rallies by different skill. While the young girls have different works of stitching and moti and zari work.  They produce variety of hand made products or items, by using stitching and embroidery to making decorating items. Their skills are famous in Jamshoro district as well as in the others. Embroidery is becoming an essential element within the growing tradition of modern imaging. It is becoming among the fastest growing textile sector. 
Different items have different costs. For example Zari work costs 500 to 1000 rupees per dress. Similarly appliqué work 700 to 2000 rupees per dress. Expenses of a simple rally are needle and colorful threads and rags but it’s very expensive after being prepared. During the investigation report we inquired them about the costs one Lady Mariam Mallah told that simple Rali costs 500 to 1000 while with design It costs 5000. If work is shining it costs more as compare to others one. Likewise handmade bangles cost 100 to 300. Making bangles and applying zari and moti is not easy.

Market Mechanism:
The women of the village have developed their links to the town market for selling to earn more. Earlier Rali work, zari and mukka work did not have market value and the women used to make other pieces of decoration for homes, but now shopkeeper and the urban clients demand supplying these items. Hyderabad is the attractive market for handmade items. Except Hyderabad traditional melas at shrines of Sufi Saint’s Shah Latif and Qalandar Shahbaz able to produce something to earn are attractive markets for these handmade items. Culture day is also one of the occasions to sell their products. All skilled women count days and know which season is more productive for them. They are very committed to prepare items timely for market, wintering days are not favorable for their work. Since its smaller day they don’t work for more time. The women take raw material from the shopkeepers in return they are bound to hand over items to them.
Mostly the village women need training to gain the knowledge of market to improve their economic status. They can market their products in national and international markets. They need direct access to market. The home based workers face the problems in marketing their products as they have no access to market. The workers need their products to be displayed in exhibitions and fairs where they could catch the eye of exporters, These workers also need to be recognized as workers in the labour laws of the country thus making them eligible for social protection.These women can facilitate in transferring their skills to other. They can train the idle women sitting at home. But it’s not possible until they are not provided the trainingcenters to refine their products. They need establishment of trade facilitation centers at village to act as marketing/ sales points for these home based workers. They can utilize their talent and their skills if they are provided the platforms. There should be financial support for them in the form of mini credit, so that they can meet the raw material they need. Display centers, workshop and seminars can also be helpful for them.

Profile: Khair Banu An Artisan
by Sanober Shoro

Traditional work is always loved everywhere, people love to have traditional dresses, decorating pieces and other handmade products but no one tries to know about the artisans who work form dawn to dusk to produce them these marvelous items. There are many people who are full of skills; Khair Banu is one of them. 40 years old women is not talented but multitalented women in village named Karan Shoro. She is fond of making the hand made products Embroidery, Stitching, making ralies and mukka work. She is amazingly expert of hand made products. Khair Banu is the only women in the village who works voluntarily in transferring her skills to others so that the others can have the earnings.

Khair Banu make such designs which give beautiful touch to women in the same locality the skills are blessing for her to easy her life. Khair Banu a widow, mother of six daughters stitch her dreams for daughters everyday while using colorful threads. She is optimistic to see her girls educated. The artisan keepsherself busy to live with dignity of two hundred rupees daily. Multitalented women feels  happiness to guide relative girls to shift her skills into them. She goes to neighboring women for help them in making ralies according to her making ralies is the job of old women who can not do other homechores. After certain time of life the old women usually sit idle at home they need to keep themselves busy hence preparing rali is better activity they can perform the whole day. She is very committed to her passion. 

Khair Banu listen wedding songs while having needle work. Recalling the part she says “I used to sit together with my grandmother during childhood to learn how to use needle work”. Khair Banu is poor by class but not skills.

Referred back
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By Amna Sangi M.A (Previous) Roll: 60
Investigation report on Sindhi Embeodry in Karan Shoro Village

Importance of Sindhi Embroidery

(Break this into 2 paras)
Sindhi embroidery is the mirrior of sindhi culture,over here in Pakistan every land is blessed and they are famous by someone or something,As we are talking about Sindh so yes no doubt Sindh is famous by its sindhi embroidery and the culture of Sindh.In culture of sindhi,sindhi embroidery is one of the most famous handicrafts in sindhi culture,we can simply say that it is a part of a culture,It is a identitification the symbol of sindhi people.Before so many years ago the significant of sindhi embroidery was high every one used to wear,After that it decreased why?because their was same designed,same work,same material their was nt any sort of we can say veraities.As time spent,day by day the significant of sindhi embroidery increased because of new ideas,perceptions and designs.If we are talking about embroidery clothing designs so it is very much attractive and benefit for the people of Sindh,Who wears these as a taking part and to be pride of their identities.Now a days the way sindhi embroidery is making on the cloths that gives an extremely beautiful look to those who wears it,In other scence we can say that embroidery is making compell others for buying or wearning it.The embroidery makers said that the work of embroidery is very much smooth,flat and also the marvelous work to do so that every one is willing to wear.
Usage of own made things
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There is a lot of usage by making own things said by embroidery makers like wise,we easily make any sort of designs and it live long,we have a skill how to maintain,how to use things and also apply actually we make by our self and for others too.when ever you buy any sort of dress having embroidery from market it does not have strong work and get spoil soon and cost too much high,when you buy our own made embroidery,it lives long and strong women love to wear sindhi embroidery because when they wear it looks georgous and also attractive and not spoil soon,It is economical and long lasting and it is very easy to wash,Even you wash many times,it looks the same as before you buy or get make..with the passage of time so many kinds of embroidery is being done.The work which is mostly done is Aplick,hurmcho,motitaka,kenwez,zari,shesha sindhi bharth,kundi,aar,and the cloth which this work is done is lelan,jarjat,silk and cotton.This work is used for various designs such as full or half seleeves or sleevless,vests,backside,front for making them charm.Now a days embroidery is done on printed cloth as well to give a nice look,It is demanding in a high level,it is selling in a very good quality or quantity,it is a benefit for us  that we select our self the contrass of cloths material and all.We make embroidery mostly on bright colors maroon,pink,red,brown and white…some how we get problem in embroidery like wise the cloth of velvet is very difficult to work on,sindhi women created these all work by beautifully,in other scence it is a business you can earn by sitting at your home and other get amazed to relize the work as they are giving the competition to the others.

Expenditure,How Much Money They Get
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The expenditure which are mostly use in sindhi embroidery is mirror,reel,patt,sitara,moti,zari,nag,soe,aar,frame,chalo.The expert maker said that we absolutely get profit in a ver good level,mostly it happenes that the material available at our homes,when customers give us order or some how they give us cloth as well dn with the help of pencil,pen,marker we just start to draw design,some times it happenes that customer have an emergency so we try to get them ready within 1 or 2 days also and get money double too.if  you do embroidery so it is up to you,your speed actually if your speed is good you can do more work more earning.what happened the main rural areas people they work a lot,they do the work of embroidery others people who is doing business or selling in the markets they do not give the profit as much as they have to give them,in other scence they sell in the markets in a very expensive level.over here if you are making the design of aplic(tok) on gala seleeves it will cost you1000,If you are making colorfull cotton hand stitched with mirror make embroided set of a gala piece get very much attractive the cost of this would be 1500.These all well designs know that how deeply we know about these you all know that sindhi people are celebrating the culture day  now-we must say that sindhi embroidery is promoting the sindhi culture,In that season our work increase and get the burden of orders,we make our effort to work stay up night to complete the this day we can say that sindhi culture day is a source of earning money,business..It has turned now the best embroidery showing various and different sort of designs it is a way of showing the telant too
Importance In Other Countries
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Sindhi embroidery makers said that it is not just famous in Sindh,not in Pakistan but all over the world of people like,speaking and language does not matter it at all.women from all over the world also like and find exceptionally beautiful embroidery dresses.As we wait for sindhi day celebration not just we but with us all others countries people wait and celebrate that day and wear the embroidery dresses..we get the orders from Sindh,pakistan and also the forein countries,it is demanding these days,with the passage of time it grows.Forien people they also give approachs these traditional by giving them importance,they would like to wear embroidery because they like the way we make it is handmade and also look different from the others.


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