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Interview of Mohammad Ismail Kumbhar Referred back

Referred back
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Interview of  Mohammad Ismail Kumbhar
 By Amna Sangi M.A Previous
Mohammad Ismail Kumbhar born in 12-2-1968 in Badin he compeleted his matric in 1983 from Government High School Pangrio district Badin in 1986 he completed his intermediate from islamia collage Badin then in 1990 he done his L.L.B from sindh university Jamshoro.He has done his M.A Economics in 1992 from sindh university jamshoro,He did B.SC(Agri)HOns Agricultural Education Extension in 1993-SAU  Tandojam then he did.MSC( AGri)Hons in 1995 from SAU Tandojam.In 1995 he appointed as a lecturer in S.A.U  Tandojam,in 2006 he appointed assistant Professor Department education Extension and Short courses.He used to be as Deputy hostel provost at SAU Tandojam from 1999 to 2oo0 and 2006 to 2008.He did coordinator farmers Advisory Services at SAU Tandojam from 2005 to 2010.He also used to be Training coordinator for Agriculture Trainings,Seminars,Workshops, at SAU Tandojam 2010 to 2014.He is also Director (University Advancement and Financial assistance)at SAU Tandojam upto date.He development of more then 100 reports,9 books and 40 research paper in the field of Agriculture sustainable development rural development and social mobilization.

Q)What do you feel about your career after getting name,fame,respect in the society?
Ans)I do feel happy getting respect from the is about struggle and every one should work in the dedication during this job,simply we can say do or die but never say why.

Q)In your academic career what was the trouble you faced by your regarding research work?
Ans)During my academic career I have faced many trouble,my parents were poor at that time,However the many problems were faced by conducting research work timely available of funds or budget and lack of cooperation from administration were the key issues of the time for conducting research. in social science/the survey was conducted research but lack of transport facilities here the main problems
Q)Tell me about your school which you have opened for poor,needy children,How its running?                            
Ans)Yes its running nicely I established Bright Future Model School at pangrio district Badin,where 400 children are getting free education with the support of sindh education foundation.Majority of the rural poor children are benefited from this project.               
Q)As u did trainings over here different sort of,tell me abroad trainings which kind of trainings u did there nd which countries?
Ans)I visited China and got training for Agriculture Technology Transfer for developing countries,Visited  Australia with the support of agri-Suport Fund of USAID to understand the banana industry of Australia and land reforms of Australia.

Q)Reading your administrative what did you observe about the field work and trainings which were conducted through different firms?
Ans)During my administration I do believe in the team work without team we can not achieve or research on the desire goals,during the training program at main campus or throughout research at various field trainings I strongly believe that my team is dedicated being a team leader I always provide the guidance to my team members.

Q)If we are talking about activities,so what’s your Professional activities/Research interest?
Ans)My professional and research interest include human resource and institutional development,Participatory development for team building and implementation,with particular emphases on agricultural and extension education in sindh.Assessment of Agriculture education Extension programs,Linkages/Institutional capacity building studies,Impact assessment of Agriculture Extension programme and Communication Skills for Rural Development.

Q)How did you face responsibilities occupied by different organization during marketing,production and seminars.?
Ans)For marketing/production or organizing the seminars at many stages I give priority and than plan the activities.For marketing the production it is the prime duty of the market manager to identify the potential market consume of the production  at grass root level.To market and organize the seminars one should know the participants category and than one should conduct the trail.So me and my team believe in quantity production of any seminar.

Q)You  are doing great job,the way you are fulfilling your responsibilities,what are your key responsibilities?
Ans)My responsibilities as you said key responsibilities to Organized capacity building programs for small farmers through farmers field school.Training programs for Agriculture Officers,field Assistants,Social Mobilizers,Business and Market Development Experts and planning,Monitoring and Report writing Officers,Developed training modules on wheat,cotton,fruits and vegetable production technology and rice and organized seminars,workshops are the key responsibilities of mine.

Q)According to your supervision of your consultancy what were the main themes objected by RDF and SAFWCO .?
Ans)Sindh Agriculture forestory workers coordinating organization (SAFWCO) worked as a consultant in food security program in distt sanghar,thata and Badin Districts.where seed banks were established,formers producing FEGs(farmers entreprize groups were develop and community management skills were provide to the male and female.1050 farmers enterprise groups of chilli groming area of distt umarkot were also trained,developed hydroponic system at slum area of Hyderabad with the support of SAFWCO in this also women were trained in kitchen garding Agri management program.I did consultancy in various public pvt non governmental organization in  RDF research and development foundation which is the NGOs working for the sustainable development Three assignment were completed successfully
1)Position paper on Agri of Thar desert area 2)Agri alternate livelihood programs for rural poor of district tando Allahyar and Mirpurkhas.3)prepare and developed report on Agri marketing system of distt Mirpurkhas.4)Organized seminars and training programs and youth groups in live stock management.

Q)No doubt you have done good work for the prosperty of humans,regarding your achievements how do you feel?what kind of message you wanna give us?
Ans)I feel great,we should respect to each other and work with dedication and give the significant to humanity
Latif Sying..Khar kada laahe Sukh na  sataa kadah

Osiadoo aahe kaahodan khe pand jO

Practical work carried under supervision of Sir Sohail Sangi

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