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Profile: Amanullah Soomro -Referred back

Referred back
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Ronak Fatima Baloch
Roll No : 2k15/MMC/38
                                            Profile :  Amanullah Soomro
(I belong to MirPur Khas and I Also Student of Mass  Communication. It is my  full try to publish the interview and profiles of my own cities personalities. In the news paper published from my department and right features on historical places of my city, that’s why I am writing profile on ammanullah soomro,) no need of this para
Amanullah Soomro who has served as lawyer and now is running a guest house or who is not found Psychologically according to me he is not , every person of Mirpurkhas knows Amannullah Soomro very well.
I was thinking that I m going to meet with the personality who is Congener Home, with that     spirit I took my friend ayaz ali and reached at the guest house of ammanullah soomro, some one came and without saying hi, he asked the reason for coming ? I was really strange to me because I know the citizens as of my city that first of all they asked for help. Anyway we introduced or selves as a journalist and observed sweat on his for head and that person said in the rude tone that I has left advocacy after that person brought us to ammanullah soomro and by seen amanullah soomro said in according to costumes of sindhi, s by binding hands he says us that leave  me, Leave  Me” we said that sir we have write profile by interrupting over talk he sad that I have burnt all of my documents whatever was written all those we thought the we should sit for talking water and then start over  conversations, These are some kinds of tricks which we have learnt from sir sangi sahab he has thought us in writing profile. Ammanullah soomro seems as aged person very weak in a loose dress,whose shirts button were totally opened  , it was felt that he is not a  lawyer by profession but a bad mannered person.
Ammanullah recived his early education in mirpurkhas after that he has got the degree of LLB from university of Sindh  his attitude is unique from others and protest that he understand people sometimes call him crack or mental. Ammanllah soomro had married fourty two times legally and their his no any count of any illegal time he  has four son he has wrote many books approximately ten to twelve among then one book is known as “ Zamendar Kon” he wrote this book in 1989 which was published through his oven publication , name of his publication was “ Soomro Publication “ Which was located near  new town Mirpurkhas.
Amanulah Soomro awakened/Acknowledgement the people of mirpurkhas regarding the cleanliness of city . it is his famous event that some time earlier people of municipal did not take the garbage from    then protested in a different manner, he took all the garbage  in truck and thrown infront of municiple  office and started protesting teure.
Once a time a person thrown the garbage on a road, when amanullah seen that person he took garbage and thrown that garbage infront of that person,s home.
many times he used to thrown the garbage  in the houses of people .
            it is also a very popular event of amanullah soomro that when he was advocate  there was a court in hyderabad and people were called in court  to share there problems and one day amanullah got the chance to share his problems  when he saw the judge he said that lets see that what is going on in city, every past of city is filled with , you take action against  it, It is proved that amanullah soomro is very  fond of cleanliness  and he wanted the mirpurkhas to be neat and clean. he made the profession to make false stories against  people and specially he doesnot  even like the word women.
it is the saying of people of mirpurkhas that amanullah soomro  is  not propely fine by mentally,  because he always behaves strangely.
            Now a days he is running  a guest house which is located in near Hyderabad.


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